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Advertising cooperation with onlineportal TUNINGMAG.net

Dear possible partners,

Let us to introduce our daily updated internet server about tuning and cars TUNINGMAG.net. Our magazine gives you 7-12 exclusive news from world of motors, which are read by many unique visitors a week, which brings our server between most powerful medium with aim on motors.

What we have to offer?

  • Publishing your PR statement or advertisement article, which can be supplemented multimedia adding (video, pps, pdf docs, flash, screensaver, wallpaper) Managing detailed statistics, as number of sights and evaluation of article
  • Raising attention to your article by sending out mailing newsletter
  • Banner adds on various possible strategically effective positions on TUNINGMAG.net. Managing detailed statistics, as number of sights and evaluation of article, to which you have online access
  • Active redirecting to your web sites
  • Possibility for exclusive advertisement campaign against your competition (high possibility of success)
  • Creating unique inquiry according to your need. Possibility to run with PR or standalone
  • Possibility to direct search of information content on TUNINGMAG.net for predefined key words such as leasing", " insurance", "bazaar", " car rental" etc.). After typing the word can be shown active link to your sites or to the PR stored on our sites
  • Possibility to include link to your pages into the section of preferred sponsored links in menu section "we recommend"

Average visitor of our sites mostly is

  • man in productive age
  • has higher education
  • has average or above average income
  • is or is planning to become car owner
  • is interested in automotive content related information, motor sports, performance, tuning and news on world of cars

Why include your our server into your communication mix?

  • Internet advertisement campaigns are very cheap in comparison with other medias, can be modified, graduated and actualize almost immediately according to requests of our client. As client can set for example that campaign will run only in certain hours or days, to be shown to visitors repetitively or one time, can watch regularly results and immediately react with the changes. In this flexibility internet beats any other media
  • Newsletter from TUNINGMAG.net are subscribed by majority of opinion leaders on the market - especially owners, managers, sellers a service technicians in area of selling new or used cars, running service stations, used cars dealerships, accessories sellers, but also people interested in motorism itself
  • Target group of visitors are created by homogeneous segment of easily predictable buying behavior
  • Publishing of your PR message or add article can be supplemented by multimedia complements (video, pps, pdf docs, flash, screensaver, wallpaper) Printable medias on the contrary to internet are relatively limited by the means of transporting the message
  • Great cost CPT (Cost per Thousands) against other forms of adds. Low cost adds
  • Possibility of active linking to your sites
  • Considering our above average ranking of worlds search engines as GOOGLE, you have a great opportunity to be preferably searched for key words in comparison to completion.

Something to advantages of banner adds

Banner offers the advantageous to any other print or TV. From print it takes the period of exposure, from TV the animation and action of the add. There is possibility to combine direct and indirect effect with the possibility of feedback. With the click the feedback is immediate and very accurate

  • Banner has direct effect (direct marketing) and indirect (creating and strengthening of a brand)
  • Banner of course points to use for direct effect, because any other medium do not offers so large connectivity as internet
  • Banner is as competitive carrier of branding ads as traditional media, that's why it should become part of every marketing mix.

What is the word “TUNING” in connection to cars?

Origin of word TUNING is to be found in English language, where it represents swoop, tune, pimp. In majority of cases it is connected to cars, where it represents any means of modification from standard vehicle sold in dealerships

In principle car tuning is possible to divide into modifications of driving performance and engine performance and modification attracting sight (optical tuning). Car modification can be understood also application of various accessories such as floor mats, window tints etc.

Our vision

Server TUNINGMAG.net TUNINGMAG.net encountered in last months many significant changes - we changed to unique "custom made" CMS (Content Management System), created very innovative system of galleries, currently we work on most extensive optimalization for search engines, which should get us closer to whole world, who has not found our server yet. All these ensure us with our aim to really fulfill our goal - enter New Year as one the leaders on the world motor sport and automotive content related internet sites.

Prices for adds on TUNINGMAG.net

Add form / campaign price (excl. VAT 19%)
"TOP NEWS" banner (468x60 "full banner") - SEE25,-€ / 1000 views
"TOP NEWS" banner (468x60 "full banner") - SEE19,-€ / 100 unique clicks
"LOW NEWS" banner (468x60 "full banner") - SEE12,-€ / 1000 views
"LOW NEWS" banner (468x60 "full banner") - SEE12,- € / 100 unique click
"NEWS" banner (468x60 "full banner") - SEE12,-€ / 1000 views
"NEWS" banner (468x60 "full banner") - SEE12,-€ / 100 unique click
"INTERSTITIAL"banner (size by agreement)by agreement / 1000 views
"INTERSTITIAL" banner (size by agreement)by agreement / unique click
"MENU" banner (max. 125x125 "square button") - SEE5,-€ / 1000 views
"MENU" banner (max. 125x125 "square button") - SEE5,-€ / 100 unique click
"MENU BIG" banner (max. 120x240 "vertical banner") - SEE9,-€ / 1000 views
"MENU BIG" banner (max. 120x240 "vertical banner") - SEE9,-€ / 100 unique click
"MENU MEGA" banner (max. 120x600 "skyscraper") - SEE12,-€ / 1000 views
"MENU MEGA" banner (max. 120x600 "skyscraper") - SEE12,-€ / 100 unique click
"GALLERY" banner (max. 180x150 "rectangle") - SEE12,-€ / 1000 views
"GALLERY" banner (max. 180x150 "rectangle") - SEE12,-€ / 100 unique click
"GALLERY BIG" banner (max. 250x250 "square") - SEE19,-€ / 1000 views
"GALLERY BIG" banner (max. 250x250 "square") - SEE15,-€ / 100 unique click
"ONCE" PR article, messsage - SEE117,-€ / week
"WEEK" PR article, messsage - SEE217,-€ / permanently
"NEWSLETTER" direct mail (19.600 recipients, only in combination to PR) - SEE197,-€ / e-mail
"KEYWORD" search - keywords to your PR article 9,-€ / word (leasing, insurance, car rental, ...)
"ACTIVE LINK" link to client sites 9,-€ / link / week
"ACTIVE LINK" sponsored links to client sites 15,-€ / link / week
"INQUIRY PR" inquiry to PR article 15,-€ / voting
"INQUIRY" standalone inquiry 9,-€ / voting / week

We hope our short presentation was able to convince you of advantages of campaign on our server TUNINGMAG.net.

In case you have any detailed question to our offer, we will be very happy top assist you.

We look forward for possible cooperation.


With kindest regards,

Your team TUNINGMAG.net


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