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Brabus Widestar Mercedes-Benz GL V8

Product ranges of every manufacturer are quickly wider and wider. So tuning companies need to think in advance to offer the newest modifications for up-to date models. Tuners, but also ordinary people are more and more demanding and the tuning companies need to offer only the best in their portfolio. This is also the case of Brabus – a company that is one of the most famous in its branch. This tuning company is focused on the cars made by Mercedes-Benz. And this manufacturer has recently introduced its new SUV that is called Mercedes-Benz GL. Well, big SUVs can be bloody sharp too.

Mercedes-Benz GL – the luxurious SUV is coming

Mercedes-Benz GL
Everyone has different requirements and demands in case of vehicles. Somebody wants some nice sporting coupe, another one likes powerful saloons and the last one wants a big luxurious SUV. They said that the car tells something about its owner, but try to describe the owner of the diamond called Mercedes-Benz GL.

This model is about one year old, but it has made a great impression to automotive professionals and public too.

This 7-seat luxurious sport utility vehicle is 5088mm long, 1920mm wide and 1840mm high and it was introduced at Auto Show in Detroit, where showed the new way of this class.

Mercedes Benz GL is a perfect combination of comfortable ride and off-road abilities. Passengers are also delighted with hi-tech equipment, cozy interior and high class of safety, all packed in its great design.

Mercedes-Benz GL

Mercedes-Benz’s vehicles have been always famous also for their great aggregates offering what driver needs. Of course the GL isn’t any exception and offers four engine including two diesel power plants.

Today we’re interested in the most powerful engine available for this mammoth. It’s a 5.5 liter petrol V8 aggregate producing 388hp (285kW) and 530Nm of torque.

This power allows the GL to compete also more powerful sporting cars. If you want to compete with this car, you need to know that it can reach 100kmph under 6.5 seconds.

This ride includes all necessary systems as four-wheel drive 4MATIC, ESP, 4ETS, 2-stage gearbox, 7-speed automatic transmission 7G-Tronic, safety system PRE-SAFE and more.

Brabus GL Widestar

Brabus Mercedes GL
Some tuning companies has priority to change the stock car as much as possible. But Brabus is a company that shows its masterpiece in form of radical performance improvements of the cars made by Mercedes-Benz. And when Brabus does something, the result is always a fast beast wearing great sporting clothes.

The exterior looks very harmonic and dignified – everything looks to be on the right place. Brabus did a great job in here. A stock front bumper was replaced with the new, sporting and expressive one. It’s characterized by four big openings with interesting layout. The new bumper visually decreases the car so now it looks more than a highway runner. There’s an option to install two pairs of additional lights – daylight or fog lamps.

This style is suitable more for roads, than out of them. This is proven by decent side sills with nice aluminum accessories elegantly matching with the rest. The sills are also used for boarding and exiting.

Brabus Mercedes GL
The Mercedes-Benz GL has one advantage – its rear fenders look like extended, so Brabus installed a pair of opening behind the rear wheels. Their mission is to off-take the hot air from the rear brakes. The trunk lid of this SUV has now a sporting wing. Also a rear bumper was replaced with the new one including an integrated diffuser, few smaller openings and two cut-outs for exhaust tips being 76mm wide.

Brabus installed typical LED lights placed under the sill and the rear bumper that illuminate this space after opening the doors or using the car’s remote control.

The interior of the car is same luxurious as its exterior. The crew will enjoy finest materials as aluminum, light or dark leather upholstery, Alcantara and carbon fiber. Pedals, illuminated moldings and locks are made of aluminum. Brabus has also prepared a nice multimedia system with two LCDs.

Brabus Mercedes GL
Brabus is well known for excellent workmanship and performance results.

This is also the case of this model that is really pumped up. The tuner has prepared performance kits for both diesel engines (320 CDI and 420 CDI) and GL 500 of course.

The performance kit boosts the diesel aggregate for about 33-34hp and 80-100Nm of torque. That’s all thanks to Brabus D6 module.

The most interesting modified engine is of course the petrol one. Now it has 6.1 liters of volume (5.5l formerly). So this means 460hp (340kW) from stock 388hp (285kW) and monumental 615Nm of torque (85Nm more). These values can shoot 2.5 tons of the monster to100kmph in amazing 6 seconds!

Brabus did some nice work on its suspension too. It’s tougher and closer to the road for 30mm with modified Airmatic settings. It doesn’t look only better but it’s necessary for the ride’s safety and stability.

Some improvements were done also on the GL‘s brake system – now it includes vented brake discs (380x36mm in front and 355x28mm at the back) cooperating with 12 and 6-piston brake calipers. These massive brakes are hidden behind more monumental 22“ 5-spoke rims with 295/35 ZR 22 tires.

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Brabus Widestar Mercedes-Benz GL

Brabus Widestar Mercedes-Benz GL

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