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Carzone Specials Fiat 500 Giacosa – mutated species!

Once again we’re witnesses of comeback of smaller cars. It’s because of their all-purpose, not only city use and low running costs. And there’s a big plus in case of their fresh, attractive design. Not only bigger vehicles as saloons can be attractive. It’s nice that many tuning companies are producing various styling and tuning packs for smaller compacts. Also our well known company from Belgium – Carzone Specials is ready. Its newest addition to the portfolio is a bodykit called Giacosa for forever young midget 2007 Fiat 500.

FIAT 500

Fiat 500 Tuning
Fiat is a world famous car manufacturer founded in 1899. Its journey has been full of hard times, but also great eras. And today is Fiat one of the biggest car producers in Europe.

A long time ago, there was a model that became a legend – Fiat 500.

And after more than 38 years we can see the successor of the The legendary 500 was known for its compact dimensions and low weight about 520kg. This legend has passed some of its features to the new Fiat 500 that also owns small dimensions, but with many additional stylish and modern gizmos.

Simply, the new Fiat 500 is a car of young generation, for people enjoying life and to be admired. There are so many stylish accessories, modern features and it’s very safe. So it’s right that it’s a holder of the title Car of the Year 2008.

Fiat is the most successful brand in this competition chart since 1964 also thanks to this model.

If you think that the Fiat 500 don’t know anything about the power, you’re not right. If we don’t count the Fiat 500 Abarth version, the most powerful engine is a 1.4 16V petrol engine producing 100 hp (74 kW). Don’t forget that this is the light-weight so it’s quite nice output. No doubt that the newest legend is here.

Fiat 500


Fiat 500 Tuning
The company Carzone Specials is famous for their futuristic style of bodykits. Also today’s creation isn’t an exception. Their newest exotic styling pack is called „Giacosa“.

It includes also a front bumper that is very unusual.

It looks like machine from far future with a big opening divided by a black, almost invisible bar. Fiat’s original badge and pair of chromed stripes remains intact.

The bumper involves also a place for a pair of additional fog lamps that aren’t part of the bodykit, same as a boxy exhaust tip.

There are interesting side openings directed to the brakes to cool them. Generally, the bumper is very unusual, but looks good. The Giacosa’s pack includes also side sills. They’re quite simple, but strongly influence the car’s look.

Of course they have rear openings for cooling the rear brakes.

The massive rear bumper has a nice imitation of diffuser and two openings taking off hot air from the brakes.

Of course this bumper is futuristic like its front partner. Same as the whole car is.

Pictures of Fiat 500 Giacosa tuned by Carzone Specials:



Fiat 500 Giacosa Carzone Specials

Fiat 500 Giacosa Carzone Specials

Wallpaper "Fiat 500 Giacosa Carzone Specials":



How do you like the modification of Fiat 500 Giacosa from Carzone Specials?

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