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Imprint, general terms of protection of personal information and usage of website TUNINGMAG.net

Disclaimer: before using our site read carefully these provisions. By reading these provisions you comply with all below mentioned in this document. If you do not comply with this content please do not use this site.

COBRA-TUNING Ltd. respects your privacy

Company COBRA-TUNING Ltd. (below CT) respects the right of all for protection of their personal information and is obliged to protect them. CT by assuming these rights allow our clients to visit our sites, without any need to identify or submit any personal information. This disclaimer is not valid for any other sites. CT is processor of the personal information without sharing this information to any third party.

Sites belonging to ones with protection of personal information

CT allows visiting sites and downloading materials for personal and noncommercial use under rule of copyrights of original materials. It is prohibited by any means misuse, distribute, change or use materials form this site. Websites of CT may contain links to other independent websites. By redirecting to these sites you leave web site of CT. CT does not control these sites and their rules of protecting personal information of visitors.

Collecting and archiving of personal information

Personal information is linked to the name of the user. If you decide to give your personal information to CT you can rely on, it will be used only on purpose of support and improvement customer relation with CT. CT will not sell, give or rent any personal information to any third party, because CT respects the trust of our customers and users. Rules of protection of personal information are relevant to personal information, collecting general information and generating comprehensive messages.

Concerning information necessary for your identification, or information, which we use in order to contact you, will in case of necessity asked from you. Generally this information is used in case of registration for any competitions, membership registration, bulletin orders, registration for meeting organized by CT and for order of products or canceling the order for products. Personal information can include your name, surname, home address, phone contacts and e-mail. For better communication may CT ask for demographic information and for previous experience with products and services. Provision of this additional information is based upon goodwill of the customer.

CT occasionally cooperates with other companies, which in its name supply services or products. Among services belongs delivery of prizes, answering for questions asked by customers concerning products and services. To these companies we only offer information, which are necessary for them to perform the service. These companies are not allowed to give the information to any third parties or to use them for any manner.

CT allows to set business contacts and personal information upon own decision. Information regarding our business partners, which are placed on the site of CT, is public to anyone. Personal information of users of CT site is set as private and therefore is visible only to employees of CT and registered clients.

CT may supply your private information only if necessary by law. Personal information given to CT can not be taken abroad from Slovakia.

CT does not share any information with third parties without customer's permit. System of protection of personal information of CT is protected by granting each user ID and password. CT allows users access to personal information online with possibility to change them. User of the site has the right to ask to cancel his personal information from CT site; it is done by e-mail request to the employee of CT with ID and password.

Organization of winning contests and competitions

Contests are governed by regulation § 850-852, law no. 40/1964 chr. Of Civil code in effective wording about public commitment with exclusion of provision § 852. CT (enunciator of public provision) is committed without delay to give out the prize to one of the competitors, which has fulfilled all the conditions placed for each contest and before its closure correctly filled the questionnaire, correctly answered all questions and sent the questionnaire to the enunciator.
Prize will be given to competitor randomly chosen by a special computer program the day after closure of the contest. Chosen competitor will be immediately informed by enunciator. Competitors gave the enunciator the right to collect and process personal information filled in the registration form. Enunciator will not give out any information to any third party. Approval from competitor is given to enunciator until expressly said otherwise.

Auction conditions

CT is an auction operator and the seller at the same time.
"Auction" is understood as process where auction product owner rights are transported, which is performed upon proposal of enunciator, in which he turns onto beforehand chosen group of people with request for bid proposal and which person's offer is the higher at the time of auction closure is bound to sign agreement upon which the owner rights will be transported to him.
"Bid" is an auction user's offer given in time of auction in amount exceeding actual amount of previous bid. In time of auction the price of the products can only increase, never decrease.

Vendor is entitled:
- set the auction price for auction product and the time period of the auction,
- set the minimal amount of bid,
- cancel the auction in case of:
a) there was not even a minimal bid,
b) from users side has been a breach of law or act against any laws.

Vendor is obliged:
- upon request of user inform about the auction products,
- inform user whose bid was the highest in time of auction closure of the fact, he has been successful in the auction,
- after payment to supply the wining user the products.

Successful user is obliged to:
- without any unconditional reason after auction closure pay the price of the highest bid to the CT via money transfer to bank account of CT.

Vendor and successful buyer have agreed on the fact that their legal contract is in compliance with § 262 paragraph. 1 law no. 513/1991 chr. Commercial Code is further guided with all the chapter of it.

Restrictions on responsibility

CT and its partners on this site are in no case and circumstances responsible for any harm. CT does not guide any linked sites and is not liable for their content. CT may on its site present products that are no longer available. CT pronounces to update its site as regularly as possible, in order to satisfy its customers and provide best possible service for our visitors and users.

Contact Information

CT welcomes any comments concerning this statement of protection of personal rights. If you think CT has breached any part of this statement, please contact us via e-mail. CT promises to do all the possible to fix these mistakes in appropriate effort.

List and register of brands

If not stated differently all the brands on this site are copyrighted. All brands and components are cleric property of CT.

© 2012, COBRA-TUNING Ltd., Bratislava, Slovakia, web design a web applications © 2012 CWL - www.cwl.sk

All rights reserved. Texts, pictures, graphics, sounds, animations and videos as well as their arrangement on these sites are subjected to copyright laws and other protective laws. Contents of our site can not be copied, distributed, changed for any commercial use and can not be supplied to any third party. Some web sites may contain even pictures subjected to copyrights of third parties.

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Name and establishment of company:

Vrakunska cesta 22
821 06 Bratislava
Slovakia (Europe)

Names of lawful representative for company:

  • Peter Kuttner
  • Robert Kares


Identification numbers of company:

  • ICO: 50469371
  • DIC: 2120342444
  • VAT no.: SK2120342444

Bank details (Všeobecná úverová banka, a.s, Bratislava, Slovakia):

  • BANK CODE: 0200
  • -------------------------EUR ACCOUNT-------------------------
  • ACCOUNT NUMBER (EUR): 3722039154
  • IBAN (EUR): SK15 0200 0000 0037 2203 9154

Further important information to company:

  • Company COBRA-TUNING Ltd. is registered under: OR OS BA I, partition Sro, insertion no. 113808 / B
  • ISSN (International Standard Serial Number): ISSN 1336-7889
  • See our current extract of Slovakian companies register on this site (only slovak language)

Current extracts of Slovakian companies register (PDF format):

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