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Seat ibiza inferno

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logo seat Futuristic Seat Ibiza Shogun by Carzone Specials logo seat

Futuristic Seat Ibiza Shogun by Carzone Specials

Every world car manufacturer try to attract possible customers with various strategies. Sometimes they use special price offers, or just some kind of art. We think about creating of very lovely car that became very popular in short time. Like the second generation of Seat Ibiza. This car with unusual rounded shape is very popular among weekend drivers and also sport enthusiasts. The Belgian tuner called Carzone Specials has recently set a not very easy goal to build a styling pack for this fresh car. And today we can celebrate this car as the perfect Shogun.

Popular Seat Ibiza

Seat Ibiza „Shogun“ od Carzone Specials
When you want to own a strong car that also looks good, there’s one option – your local Seat dealer and the Ibiza. It’s a simple model with elegant style and some kind of sporting attention. Of course, this car isn’t a newbie and it’s waiting for its replacement.

But it has become very popular and has many satisfied owners thanks to its simplicity. This is the car that can successfully satisfy all drivers’ requirements.

But the strong model is only one – Ibiza Cupra. This is the name of the most powerful Ibiza and it has the strongest petrol or diesel engine (from 6 petrol and 5 diesel aggregates).

When we’re talking about the petrol version, we think about a 1.8 liter 20V 4-cylinder turbo power plant producing very interesting 180hp (132kW) and nice 235Nm of torque. It’s quite big bang for this compact car.

Penny-pinchers would like the strongest diesel engine (1.9 liter) offering nice 160hp (118kW) and massive 330Nm of torque. And its great fuel economy is like a dream.

Magic Ibiza by Carzone Specials

Seat Ibiza „Shogun“ od Carzone Specials
Carzone Special is one of a few companies that go the way of future style. Maybe someone wouldn’t agree but this Ibiza is really futuristic. There are just two groups of people – those who love their creations and those who hate. It’s only up to you how you decide, but maybe this project called Shogun may help you.

The bodykit consists of front bumper with mask, rear bumper and side sills too. So the front bumper is connected with the mask that still has its typical opening for the Seat badge. Ther is a pair of new skewed openings that looks like a spaceship; it’s because of massive opening in the middle and four side ones. They’re connected in really weird way, the result is not very typical, but interesting too.

The Shogun tuning pack includes also quite massive side sill extensions.

Their design isn’t very innovative, but also blind man can see them. Maybe they look very aggressive, but they match perfectly with other parts of the bodykit. The distinctive rear bumper is huge too; has a pair of integrated elongated openings on the sides and two cut-outs in the place of diffuser.

Seat Ibiza „Shogun“ from Carzone Specials

Seat Ibiza „Shogun“ from Carzone Specials

Photogallery of Carzone Specials Seat Ibiza „Shogun“ :



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